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Capture this special moment in your life in beautiful photographs!

I  am an experienced Dundee pregnancy photographer and I aim to create elegant, creative and refined maternity portraits, but careful posing and lighting to create gorgeous portraits.

All maternity shoots are taken in my Dundee studio and are as individual as you are!

We will chat about your preferred style at the start of your session so that you get the best images possible.

Your partner can be in some of the photos also at no extra cost.

Here is a small selection of some of our recent projects.


  • At what stage do I have the shot?
    The best time to have a maternity shoot is when you are between 32 and 36 weeks pregnant althought twins pregancies should be done earlier and shoots can be done upto the due date if you’re happy to do so.
  • Do you retouch the images?
    Yes I will retouch the images to enhance your natural beauty but not to make you look like another person. I want you to be happy with your portraits so I can take into consideration any issues you may have with your body, though I need you to understand that I am aiming for a natural look rather hen an evenly airbrushed magazine look as such will not ever airbrush images.
  • — Do you provide outfits?
    I don't provide outfits, as people come in all shapes and sizes, wanting to do a huge range of styles. So you'll need to bring anything you want to wear. But I'll give you lots of suggestions of what to bring when you book.
  • — Which package should I choose?
    Most people go for the Standard package, but if you can afford it, the Deluxe is even better because it is a longer session, and people always get better as the session goes on, so that extra time is often when you are on a roll and looking your most fabulous. There's also a Basic package just for people on a budget, which doesn't include any retouching, but if you're going to the effort of doing a shoot in the first place, it's worth making the photos as great as possible by having your favourite ones retouched (the Standard or Deluxe package).
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